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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Returns -- Through October 2007

The overall performance results of the Covered Calls Advisor Portfolio (CCAP) will be presented monthly at the end of each calendar month. Results are based solely on the annualized percent change of the total dollar value of the CCAP.
For comparison purposes, the primary benchmark against which the portfolio’s performance will be measured is the Schwab MarketTrack Balanced Portfolio (SWBGX), a worldwide, diversified asset allocation fund. SWBGX typically contains approximately 46% domestic stocks (26% large cap; 20% small cap), 16% international stocks, 34% bonds, and 4% cash.

The CCAP was initiated on 9/14/2007 with an initial total portfolio value of $250,000.
At market close on 10/31/2007, the total portfolio value was $263,114.03, a $13,114.03 increase in overall portfolio value since inception.

CCAP Annualized Return = 40.7%
[(263,114.03-250,000)/250,000]*(365/47 days)*100

Annualized Return for SWBGX Benchmark = 31.6%
[(18.13-17.42)/17.42]*(365/47 days)*100

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