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Friday, November 2, 2007

Recommended Reading

In the right-hand column of this blog site, I’ve just added a section called ‘Recommended Reading'. This list provides links to those sites that I consider as essential regular reading for my own investing education.

A short description of why I like each site is as follows:

1. General Financial Media Sites:
• Barrons – This is my favorite site for high-quality investing-related information. It is a true bargain at $79/year for the online-only service.
• Bloomberg – Good news source for worldwide financial news.
• MarketWatch – Good overall stock market information site. Others you might consider instead of this one are Yahoo Finance or CNN/Money.

2. The Big Picture:
• Bespoke Investment Group – If you like quantitative finance as I do, especially charts and graphs, then definitely check out this site.
• – Good common sense investment analysis and advice.
• The Capital Spectator – Intelligent economic information and commentary.

3. Stock Investing
• Seeking Alpha – Well-organized aggregator of a variety of quality investing blog posts.
• Vinvesting – Aggregator of value investing information.
• GuruFocus – Tracks stock selections and holdings of many of the top stock market investors.

4. Stock Selection -- In a prior post (Stock Selection 101 link), I made a case for using two stock advisory services for identifying potential stock purchase candidates. The two used by this advisor are:
• Schwab Equity Ratings – Link
Note: you must have a Schwab account to obtain access to these ratings.
• – Link
Annual subscription price is $100.

This list of sites will certainly be modified over time -- I hope you've found some interesting new sites for your review on the current list. As a lifetime learner and avid reader, I’m always seeking additional excellent investing sites. I would certainly welcome hearing about your own personal favorite investing sites.

Regards and Godspeed

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