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Friday, October 28, 2016

Positions With November 2016 Options Expirations

The following positions have been established with November 2016 options expirations.
All prices include commissions.
Since the Covered Calls Advisor's market outlook remains 'Slightly Bearish', strike prices below the stock prices were selected.

The financial results for each of these positions will be posted on this blog on the same day the closing transactions occur.

Definition of Column Headings:
Stock Price - Stock price when position was established.

Option(s) Price - Price obtained for each Option contract sold

Qty - Number of Options Sold

Type - CSP=100% Cash-Secured Puts Sold and CC=Covered Calls

ExpDate - Expiration Date.

DTE - Days to expiration when position was established.

ROI - Absolute Return on Investment if Assigned at Expiration

AROI - Annualized Return on Investment if Assigned at Expiration