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Friday, March 18, 2016

Worthwhile Reading

Below are the articles read during the past week the Covered Calls Advisor found to be most interesting and insightful to us investors.  To be successful investors, avid reading is of paramount importance, so I've recently developed these weekly 'Worthwhile Reading' posts to share with you.  Here is my Covered Calls Advisor blog post from over 8 years ago that explains my approach to investment-related reading: On Being ASCCT Readers 
  1.  Avoiding 'Growth Traps' and 'Value Traps': One of my favorite stock screeners is what I call VQG (Value, Quality, and Growth).  But in identifying stocks that offer both good value and good growth, it is important to also filter out those stocks that are 'value traps' How to Avoid the Value Trap and/or 'growth traps' Out Over Your Skis: How to Avoid a Growth Trap  

  2. Understand the difference between GAAP earnings, Non-GAAP earnings, and Cash Flow: Link

  3. Some Wisdom of Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett on Investing and
    What Buffett Saw in Baseball's Greatest Hitter

  4. Investing for the Long Run: Surviving the Short Term and Stocks for the Long Run

  5. Some food for thought: Hard Truths for Investors to Wrap Their Heads Around

  6. Two questions to ponder from the ‘A Wealth of Common Sense’ blog:  (a) Why do investors always ask if it’s time to sell stocks after they’ve fallen and then ask if it’s time to buy after they’ve risen? … and  (b) Why do companies get blamed for “missing expectations” when they release quarterly earnings numbers and not the analysts who create those expectations? Why don’t they ever say: “analysts’ expectations missed the actual results again”? 

Hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful.

Best wishes and Godspeed,
Jeff (the Covered Calls Advisor)