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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Worthwhile Reading

Each week, the Covered Calls Advisor carefully reads over 100 articles (in the categories of finance news, economics, investing, value investing, stocks, and covered calls) from high-quality sources.  Here are the articles selected from the past week that provided the greatest interest and insights:

The three-legged stool below is symbolic of a solid foundation.  One of my favorite stock screeners includes factors related to Value, Quality, and Momentum (VQM).

These two links are articles from Alpha Architect, who share my enthusiasm for a VQM approach to stock selection:

Buy Value and High-Quality Stocks

Combining Value and Momentum Investing

What is your guess:  Who is the world's greatest living investor and what is his greatest strength?
The answers are here: The Greatest Investor and His Greatest Strength

S&P 500 companies are using Non-GAAP accounting to camouflage the decline in GAAP earnings: Mind the GAAPs

The Covered Calls Advisor's Country Value Rankings (see 'Top 5 Countries' listed in the right sidebar) is loaded with Emerging Market countries.
Larry Swedroe agrees: It's Time to Buy the Emerging Markets 

And finally, an article describing how covered calls investors can supplement their income from dividend-paying stocks with income from selling Call options : Link

Enjoy the reading!