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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Current Positions

All positions with January 2016 options expirations expired last Friday.  A few ongoing covered calls positions have been established with Feb2016 options expiration dates and all current holdings are shown in the right sidebar.  Because of the large number of positions, the normal procedure of providing historical details for each individual position is not provided today since I do not have the time available now to do so.  The one new position in the S&P 500 established today is detailed in the following post and I intend to continue the normal method of posting the detailed transactions for all positions going forward.

The Covered Calls Advisor Portfolio is currently approximately 50% invested and 50% in cash, a reflection of the Overall Market Outlook of 'Slightly Bearish' and the large decline so far this year.  This year, I also intend to begin posting overall portfolio performance results monthly at the close of each calendar month.  This will compare the Covered Calls Advisor Portfolio against its Russell 3000 stock market benchmark.