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Friday, September 18, 2015

SPY Covered Call Not Exercised

Today, SPY goes ex-dividend at $1.03343 per share.  The Covered Calls Advisor's current covered call position in SPY is described here: Original SPY covered call blog post.
At yesterday's closing price of $198.69, there was approximately $.64 of extrinsic value (i.e. time value) remaining in the Sep30,2015 $191 Call option, and the option was not exercised.

So, the 100 shares of SPY are retained and today's ex-dividend payment will be captured.  As described in the blog post link above, the resulting annualized return on investment will be 33.6% if SPY remains above the $191 strike price at the market close on the Sept30,2015 options expiration.  A 33.6% return is less than the 54.8% return that would have been achieved if the option would have been exercised yesterday, but it will be, nevertheless, a very good return for this conservative SPY covered call if this outcome is achieved.