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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Overall Market Meter Remains "Slightly Bullish"

Each month during options expiration week, the Covered Calls Advisor recalculates the current values for each of the eight factors used to determine the "Overall Market Meter" rating. This month, the Overall Market Meter rating remains unchanged at Slightly Bullish.

The eight factors used can be categorized as:
- macroeconomic (the first two indicators in the chart below),
- momentum (next two indicators in the chart),
- value (next three indicators), and
- growth (the last indicator).

The current Market Meter Average of 3.75 (see blue line in chart above) is unchanged from the 3.75 average of last month. The 3.75 is a Slightly Bullish rating (range from 3.51 to 4.50).  In fact, the ratings for each of the eight factors used to determine the Overall Market Meter rating were identical to those of last month.

As shown in the right sidebar, the covered calls investing strategy corresponding to this overall Slightly Bullish sentiment is to "on-average sell 2% out-of-the-money covered calls for the nearest expiration month." So with the August 2012 options expiration, newly established positions for September 2012 expiration will be established in accordance with this guideline.

Your comments or questions regarding this post (or the details related to any of the eight factors used in this model) are welcomed. Please click on the "comments" link below or email me at the address shown in the upper-right sidebar.

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